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April 13, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Biff Busick vs. Timothy Thatcher from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Recap from Sam DiMascio: I paid $5 for this show before this was released for free so I can tell you right now that you should totally watch this if that is all you care about knowing. This match is from one of Beyond Wrestling’s Secret Shows which made the aesthetical appeal of the match going in different than your traditional match. Like an eccentric fight club. Biff has really made a name for himself on the indies in part from his awesome matches with Drew Gulak. Timothy Thatcher is a wrestler pretty similar to Drew Gulak in that they both are talented matworkers who can alter the style to fit indie wrestling. Thatcher is a lot less known at this time which is a bit of a shame since he truly one of the best workers in America and certainly the best that few are talking about. Both men feel each other out early but not in your typical annoying indie way but actually attempting to grind their way into control without leaving themselves too open. Thatcher finally manages to get some actual control with some nasty hand and wrist manipulation. Busick manages to stand up and slip down after being unable to power out and grabs a leg. They scramble and stand up after Busick grabs the ropes with his feet. Timothy Thatcher tries to catch Biff Busick off the ropes with a fireman’s carry but Busick slips over the top and grabs a headlock. Thatcher gains control, going back to the wrist and hand as well as extending his work to the whole arm. Busick gains control stretching Thatcher’s arms back and not letting him regain control. Busick sees an opener and goes for sleeper with the body scissors. It might have been too risky with Thatcher getting out and trying to find his own opening to snag any arm submission he can. Busick strikes his way out of Thatcher’s grasp with some gnarly European uppercuts. Busick looks like he might try to fly from the second rope but Thatcher brings his own uppercut that sends Busick’s back to the apron. Thatcher goes for a submission but Busick gets a backslide for two. Thatcher pops back up and is met with a half and half suplex. Busick puts on the sleeper with the body scissors again. Thatcher drives Busick into the corner to get out. Violent strike exchange ensues in the middle of the ring. Thatcher starts throwing suplexing Busick around and then goes for the Fujiwara armbar but Busick gets to the ropes. Thatcher puts Busick on the top turnbuckle but gets pushed back. When he comes back into attack Busick hops over and manages to put on a standing sleeper with the body scissors. Thatcher stands up which leads to a real nutty throw and headlock. Thatcher’s hand falls three times and Busick is the winner. What a truly exceptional match. This match hit the mat a ton and that will definitely come off favorably to me. It wasn’t this crazy fluid style that has become accepted as great mat wrestling on the American indie scene. That is where holds are being exchanged in dubious manners simply to follow into the next with nothing looking the least bit impactful. Not the case with Busick wrenching the neck or Thatcher bending the wrists. When these two wailed on each other it was some real violent stuff especially from Thatcher with his open hand slaps. The highlight of the match was probably getting uppercutted between the wall and the ring. Awesome moment. I’m a lover of quality endings and this one had it at the right time and looked properly violent.  In summation, it was gnarly matwork mixed with some mean strikes to make up my favorite independent wrestling match of the year at this point.


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