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March 29, 2014 / petersmu2014

Mark Andrews vs. Tommy End from Southside Wrestling 2014

Post by Murray Peterson:

Mark Andrews, now currently TNA talent ManDrews (who literally came up with that as an acceptable name?) is one of the numerous high flyers that Britain has produced lately. Tommy End is a hard hitting gentleman from the Netherlands best known for his ass kicking in WxW. I am expecting no less than three deaths this match.

Michael Dante, End’s tag partner, accompanies him out to the ring. Are British wrestling rings smaller than American, or does it just look that way? Andrews spends the openning segment of the match avoiding End’s blasting thigh kicks. Andrews takes the match to the mat, attempting to wear down the legs of End. Andrews begins to pick up the pace of the match but End cuts him off by countering a arm drag into a huge knee. End works over Andrews for quite some time with strikes and a body scissors. A moment of fortune allows Andrews to hit a tope con hilo, and begin to take control of a match. Andrews hits a northern lights suplex into a twisting shooting star press. End cracks Andrews with a high kick, but Andrews transitions into a pinning attempt for two. Pinning attempts traded, Andrews pins End for a count of close to 5 but this was clearly not meant to be the end as Tommy finally kicks out and it was only a two. That’ll end up on botchamania sooner or later. Chest kick by End sets him up for a double stomp, but he has to roll through. Great frankensteiner from Andrews, but only 2. High kick misses but End pastes Andrews with the follow through. Poised-rana from Andrews! SSP into the knees of End, a follow up brainbuster but Andrews kicks out. End heads up top and drives Mark Andrews soul out of his body with a double stomp. 1-2-3 and End wins.

This was the kind of match I would expect from these two. While not a classic the strikes were crisp from End and Mark Andrews was smooth in flight. Andrews had just been signed into TNA and likely didn’t want to get injured before heading to America. Highly enjoyable match and worth checking out if you’ve got 15 minutes.


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