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March 9, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Chris Hero vs. Reed Bentley from IWA-MS 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This is a “Knockout or Tapout” match. I have not seen enough Reed Bentley since Class Wars ended.

Hero came out to “Kryptonite” with a ski mask. Bentley came out to “Kings Reign Supreme.” MIND GAMES~! Trik Davis accompanied Bentley to the ring. Bentley was trying to run away right away, but Hero caught him with a big boot. They brawled on the floor for a while. Her got a couple of “near KOs” on the floor. Back in the ring, Hero sat on a chair while applying a Boston Crab. I’ve genuinely never seen that spot before. Bentley got to the ropes? I feel like there probably shouldn’t be disqualifications in a KO/TO match. Bentley went after the left arm instead of the right arm for some reason. He did viciously go after it at least. Hero was fighting back, but Bentley kept control of the injured arm. Reed gave him the Reed Awakening to the injured arm and then hit a rolling elbow. Hero teased being knocked out but then kipped up and made a huge comeback. He killed Bentley with a Cyclone Kill and a big elbow. Bentley bit his way free from the Stretch Plum. Bentley hit two Saito suplexes. Hero wouldn’t stay down so Bentley applied a cross armbreaker on the injured arm.  I like that Bentley has been going for the KO and the TO. Hero got to the ropes. They traded some heavy blows. Reed caught him with the Reed Awakening. Hero got up in time and hit a massive elbow. Both men were down after that. DEATH BLOW. Bentley got up at nine and then spat in Hero’s face. Hero two more big elbows and then a Death Blow. Trik Davis tried to throw in the towel, but Hero threw the towel back into the crowd. Bentley got up at nine and then took another elbow. Hero picked him up at 9, hit another elbow, and then applied the Stretch Plum. Reed tapped out.

The finishing stretch was done really well. They had lost me a couple of times in the middle of the match, but the final five minutes brought me back. Hero getting so fed up with Bentley surviving brought out the brutal side of Hero, and that is my favorite side of Chris Hero. The finish alone brought this match up so much for me.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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