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February 16, 2014 / TJ Hawke

Danny Cannon vs. Matt Cage vs. Davey Vega vs. Buxx Belmar from Beyond Wrestling’s Feeding Frenzy 2014

Recap from TJ Hawke:

I was at this show live, and this was probably my favorite match of the show.

Buxx did some disgusting stuff early. Danny then did some flippy stuff. More stuff from everyone. Vega hit Cage with a diving baseball slide. Belmar wiped them out with a tope con hello. Cannon then hit him with a diving ‘rana from the apron. Cannon then scaled a support beam and hit them all with a moonsault. The craziest thing I ever saw live. Vega then murdered Cannon with a powerbomb into the very same support beam. Cage then ran wild on everyone. Cannon hit two tope suicidas and then did a Matrix-like evasion of a boot from Belmar. Belmar avoided a corkscrew splash from Cannon and then hit a Funplex: 1…2…3!

Cannon got “Please come back!” chants after the match. Yes, please.

It’s hard for me to be unbiased in my praise for this match. It was one of the most fun matches I’ve ever experienced live, but I do have to admit that it does not translate perfectly to tape. It’s obviously still a really fun match match that I absolutely recommend though. Danny Cannon needs to given a chance in as many different places as possible as soon as possible. The dude has got it. I hope all four of these men are brought back sooner rather than later.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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