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February 14, 2014 / CJWilson

AR Fox vs. David Starr from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match took place at a studio taping at the New England Pro Wrestling Academy on the weekend of Feeding Frenzy 2014. This match was announced as a Chile Lucha Libre Title Match as AR Fox was the champ at the time.

AR Fox gets the upperhand in the beginning and attempts a split-legged moonsault, but is able to land on his feet when David Starr rolls onto the apron. Starr flips over Fox into the ring, but Fox sends him back onto the apron. Fox grabs on to Starr and hits a triangle dropkick sending Starr to the floor. Fox follows up with Lo Mein Rain knocking Starr down. Fox tries to use the CLL Title, but referee Kevin Quinn takes it away allowing Fox to hit Starr below the belt while Kevin Quinn was not looking. Fox rolls Starr back into the ring for a 2 count. Fox hits a headscissors takedown, but Starr is able to come back with a big boot and a deadlift German for a 2 count. Starr hits a superkick and a jumping DDT, but gets a 2 count on both. Fox misses a sliced bread attempt, but is able to hit a diving ace crusher for a nearfall. Fox attempts Lo Mein Pain twice, but Starr is able to counter it twice and Starr hits a German off the second rope on Fox’s second attempt. Fox kips out of the way of a clothesline, but Starr connects with a clothesline to the back of Fox’s head and Fox lands on his head leading to another nearfall. Starr catches Fox off a slingshot and tries for a Boston Crab, but Fox throws him off to the outside. Fox hits a Lope, a Tope and finishes it off with a Tope con Hilo. Fox rolls Starr back into the ring and attempts a Swanton, but Starr gets his knees up and locks in a Boston Crab. Fox is able to cause a break by getting to the ropes. Fox is able to hit a jumping boot only to be hit with a boot and a superkick by Starr, but Fox is able to counter a rolling forearm with a backslide pin with a bridge to get the 3 count and the win.

Really fun match here with both men getting some good strikes in. Fox really showed off his high flying ability here and Starr is able to show off his wrestling ability. My only gripe was that Kevin Quinn did see Fox connect with a low blow, but it looked like he just gave him a warning for it. Starr tried to shake Fox’s hand after, but Fox said Starr needed to win a title before he showed him respect.

Chris Wilson


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