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February 9, 2014 / CJWilson

The Hooligans vs. Heidi Lovelace & Jordynne Grace from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match is from the third St. Louis Sleeper Cell taping from Beyond Wrestling. To my knowledge, Heidi Lovelace and Jordynne Grace have not teamed up before this. The Hooligans are comprised of Devin and Mason Cutter and yes, they are brothers. This was also my first time getting a look at Jordynne Grace. Lovelace and The Hooligans have all become regulars at Beyond Wrestling so I have seen matches of theirs.

Jordynne Grace hits two suicide dives onto the Hooligans, and Lovelace climbs to the top and hits a crossbody to the outside knocking The Hooligans down. Devin is rolled back in, but Grace can only get a 2 count. The Hooligans are able to gain the upperhand by raking Grace’s eyes. Devin hits a moonsault senton off of Mason for a 2 count. The Hooligans hit a moonsault/leg drop combo for a 2 count. Grace hits a code red off of the top rope on Mason allowing her to tag in Heidi Lovelace. Heidi hits 15 consecutive superkicks onto The Hooligans, but Heidi cannot take them down. Both Cutters eventually go down after Heidi hits a double dropkick off of the second rope. Devin attempted to powerbomb Grace off the apron. but Grace reversed it into a hurricanrana sending Devin to the floor. Devin connects with a huge running lariat, but Heidi is able to break it up at a count of 2. Grace is able to powerbomb Mason off the ropes after Heidi connected with a kick to his head, but Devin is able to break up their pin attempt at 2. The Hooligans hits a backpack double stomp stunner for a nearfall. Grace is powerbombed on the outside leaving Heidi alone. The Hooligans hit a wheelbarrow DDT for the 3 count and the win.

A really good match here that was very interesting. Grace and Heidi were able to get the advantage in the beginning and several times after due to their speed, but the Cutters did not always get the advantage by using the obvious power advantage. They would take advantage by raking the eyes or grabbing the hair, which I found interesting as they very well could take control with a powerbomb or a body slam. There were points where The Hooligans would take the advantage by using their power, such as Grace being powerbombed on the outside to take her out of the match. The Hooligans finish was pretty weird to me; they just hit a DDT out of the wheelbarrow and don’t follow it up with a wheelbarrow suplex or something with power to it, but it did look good as Heidi’s head was spiked into the mat. Sorry if I messed up the Hooligans names here in some of the spots I described, but it was kind of hard to tell them apart due to the video quality. Then again I do not think I can tell them apart when I see them live.

Chris Wilson


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