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February 7, 2014 / CJWilson

JT Dunn vs. Shynron from WSU 2014

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match took place at a Women Superstars Uncensored Secret Show at the CZW Academy. This was a week before Beyond Wrestling’s Feeding Frenzy event where The Juice Product would face The Hooligans and Shynron would face AR Fox for the Chile Lucha Libre Title.

After exchanging holds, Shynron gets the advantage by rolling into a wheelbarrow bulldog for a 2 count. Shynron misses a standing Shooting Star Press allowing Dunn to connect with a big boot. Dunn rolls Shynron up, but rolls Shynron through and hits a Baby Ace Crusher for a 2 count. Dunn attempts a Dave Cole Bomb, but Shynron counters out and attempts a second wheelbarrow bulldog only for Dunn to throw him onto the apron. Shynron flips over Dunn into the ring and hits a backflip handstand jumping Ace Crusher for a 2 count. Dunn hits a rebound roaring elbow after Shynron hit him with a palm strike knocking both men down. Shynron attempts another possible wheelbarrow bulldog, but Dunn counters it into a backcracker for a nearfall. Dunn hits the Dave Cole Bomb (Tiger Driver) for another nearfall. Dunn sets up for a corner powerbomb, but Shynron rolls out the back and hits a handstand Frankensteiner dropping Dunn on his head for the 3 count and the win.

Fun match here between two guys who were on the rise. Dunn was coming off impressive bouts with Johnny Gargano and Michael Elgin and also coming off beating Green Ant in the finals of Tournament for Tomorrow 2. Dunn would go on to win several Tag Team Championships alongside David Starr as the Juicy Product. Shynron would go on to beat AR Fox for the Chile Lucha Libre Title, and he would go on to win Rey de Voladores at King of Trios. Both men are destined to have great 2015s.

Chris Wilson


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