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January 26, 2014 / Sam DiMascio

Uhaa Nation vs. Moose vs. Dark Mon from Beyond Wrestling 2014

Post by Sam DiMascio:

Moose is working a hard headed gimmick. Literally. Also no sells low blows. Uhaa Nation is clearly the most “there” performer in the match at this time. Though both Moose and the big man, Dark Mon had a charm to them. Kinda wish we saw Dark Mon in a different setting just to get a better grasp of him. Seems like a big lad who will throw a big bomb and take one back. Moose is rougher around the edges here but still looks like someone with tools. Does a crazy powerspot on Dark Mon which clinches some good graces for his entire career going forward.  Uhaa doing a pop-up powerbomb on Moose popped the boys, girls, and me. Some fun moments within an otherwise clunky package. But I like these types of matches simply because you can see these wrestlers with pieces that just need to bring them together. Which makes Uhaa the least interesting part of the package.

Only wish WWA4 had an HD camera so we could get some more HQ, full matches from the school. Clearly can pump out some talent.

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