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December 8, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Jonathan Gresham vs. Davey Vega from Beyond Wrestling 2013

Recap from TJ Hawke:

They trading control early on. Gresham kicked out Vega’s left knee and then went after it. This became the meat of the match. Gresham went for the figure four on the wrong leg, and Vega reversed it into a small package. Karma. Vega then made a comeback. Gresham got the figure on the right leg. Vega tried to reverse the pressure, but he failed. He did get to the ropes though. Gresham went for another one, but Vega caught Gresham with two big boots to the face. Enzuigiri! Vega then no-sold a brainbuster, and then they both no-sold Germans. Well, this match got different. That all got over big. They both avoided Germans for a bit, but Gresham hit a snap one, but Vega hit a Michinoku Driver on the leg. His injured leg. Gresham got the knees up on a frog splash. Gresham went for the figure four, but Vega reversed the pressure. Gresham immediately tapped out!

This match was a mixed bag. I liked Gresham’s work on Davey’s left leg for the most part, but the main comeback spots did not match up with that. Davey was hitting power moves, and the leg work didn’t pay off in any significant way. (The Michinoku Driver where Davey actually drove Gresham on his injured leg was practically a laugh out loud moment for me). This was not a bad match, but twenty one minutes was too long for the match they did. I know I’m a bit nit-picky about how limb work is done though. Everyone has different standards for it seemingly.

Match Rating: **1/2


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