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December 8, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Davey Richards vs. Jonathan Gresham from Beyond Wrestling

Recap from TJ Hawke:

This is a very nifty matchup. The St. Louis Sleeper Cell still do not have great cameras, but it’s an improvement from the ass vision from the first taping.

Neither man could get a decisive advantage early on. Davey eventually did get control and went after the left arm of Gresham. Gresham fought back, but Davey got control again by going after a knee. Davey won a strike exchange. Gresham was starting to fight back, but Davey hit a neckbreaker to cut him off again. Gresham came back again with a headbutt and a dragon screw. Gresham connected on another headbutt and got a single-leg crab, but Davey managed to get to the ropes. Davey connected on the alarm clock and then got a Border City Stretch, but Gresham got to the ropes. Davey’s knee was hurting, but he went for a double stomp. Gresham avoided it and got a single leg. Davey reversed it into a small apckage for a nearfall. Gresham went for a lariat, but Davey reversed it into a Border City. Gresham escaped, avoided some kicks, and got the single-leg again. Davey taps!

The match started a little slow, but they really did some nifty exchanges down the stretch that puts it in the firm “recommended” category. Jonathan Gresham is SO gosh darn talented. The fact that no American company has managed to put him to good use is some serious tomfoolery.

Match Rating: ***1/4


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