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November 23, 2013 / petersmu2014

The Throwbacks (Dasher Hatfield & Mr. Touchdown) vs. The Devastation Corporation (Max Smashmaster & Blaster McMassive) from Wrestling is Fun 2013

Recap from Murray Peterson:

The Throwbacks and Devastation Corporation have had one of the more silent feuds in independent professional wrestling. Spanning across the Wrestling is Fun and Chikara universes the Throwbacks and the Dev Corp have met on some of the largest stages of both companies. Most recently the groups met at King of Trios and the Chikara season finale, but this feud ranges all the way back to the Wrestlemania weekend 2013. This match comes touted by Kobald, rest his smelly soul.

Things start off fast with Blaster McMassive and Mr. Touchdown. Touchdown gets the better of the exchange with Blaster and tags Dasher Hatfield in. The Throwbacks work over McMassive for awhile with some signature old timey offence. Some shenanigans keep the Throwbacks ahead. Dive spot! Momentum shifts and the Dev Corp begin to work over Mr. T (if you are familiar with Throwbacks vs Dev Corp this is par for the match formula.) Long ass beat down of Mr. Touchdown by the Dev Corp complete with the, “ref didn’t see the tag,” moment. Finally hot tag to the baseball head! Dasher gets in some offence but the match evens up rather quickly. Dasher gets Max Smashmaster onto the mat with a sleeper but interference causes Bryce not to see the arm drop for the third time. Some Throwbacks double team offence can’t keep McMassive down either. Interference from Bakabella again, but the Throwbacks stay in it. Super Bo Jackson and the Throwbacks pick up the 1-2-3!!

To say that this is in the top 3 Wrestling is Fun matches would not be an understatement. A well worked and enjoyable contest from both teams. In most of their matches Mr. Touchdown gets the punishment but ultimately ends up looking the best. After watching this match you can see that these two teams have had chemistry before their Chikara season finale match, which was also very good. Not perfect, and not necessarily a classic, but a damn fine piece of wrestling.

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