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November 23, 2013 / petersmu2014

Shynron vs. Juan Francisco de Coronado from Wrestling is Fun 2013

“The Spirit Dragon” Shynron and the “Equadorian Artistocrat” Juan Francisco met on a few different occasions in Wrestling is Fun. Their short feud, maybe lasting 5-6 matches, was one of the highlights from the Wrestling is universe. Shynron has become one of the premier high flyers in the independent circuit and Juan Franciso, while only truly being known to the Wrestling is and Chikara universe, is a very competent heel and wrestler. This match comes touted by Mike Quackenbush himself.

Recap from Murray Peterson:

Things start off on the mat surprisingly, with both JFDC and Shynron trading position. Some heel tactics allow JF to chop block Shynron and he begins to work over the leg. Some ring psychology happening here, if this match actually ends in a leg submission there is hope for wrestling yet. With every blow from JF, the Spirit Dragon kips up and attempts a counter with a handspring of some sort. Shyron gets the first pin attempt but only a 2. Shynron uses some fancy foot techniques to get in his first real offence. Shyron hits a corkscrew slingshot into the ring for a 2 count. Another move from the outside in, but Shynron catches his feet and JF kicks out. SSP from Shynron for another 2 count. Shynron does some impressive shit that I quite honestly don’t know what to call, but JF gets squashed on the floor. BUT! JF locks in his Coronado Clutch in the ring…more leg work! A German suplex into the turnbuckle and Shynron might in fact be dead. Poisoned-rana from Shynron sets up a corkscrew lionsualt! 1-2-3 and Shynron comes out on top.

This match was a gem from the Wrestling is Fun library. Both wrestlers looked great, and kept to their game plan. Juan Francisco did a good job targeting the leg and trying to keep Shynron grounded. As this was one of their final meetings, and I have seen all of them, they were still able to keep the match feeling fresh and separate from their other meetings. If there was a lacking point, it was that JF did a great job working the leg and the selling was there until the end. This is the kind of match that Wresting Is needed desperately more of, but proved why both wrestlers are now working Chikara proper.

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