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November 17, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Morgan Webster vs. William Eaver from PROGRESS Wrestling’s ENDVR:2 (2013)

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Recap from TJ Hawke:

The ENDVR shows are filled up with students from the PROGRESS wrestling school. Eaver’s full gimmick name is Pastor William Eaver. The best part is that his dick is clearly visible.

Both men seemed tentative. They went back and forth. This match has been awkward. It appears that Eaver finally cut him off with an Irish Whip into a corner. Eaver went for a falling headbutt, but Webster avoided it. Webster made a comeback and hit tope that he almost caught his feet on the ropes on. Eaver came back with a big lariat. The best part of Eaver is now that fans scream “GEEEEEZUS” whenever he does something. Webster came back again and hit a 450: 1…2…3

You could really tell that these two were just students. They were just tentative and awkward in ways that remotely experienced wrestlers do not seem to be.

Match Rating: 1/2*


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