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November 15, 2013 / Bill Thompson

Kimber Lee vs. JT Dunn from Beyond Wrestling 2013

Post by Bill Thompson

Twitter: @MOTYPod

Intergender wrestling has been the source of many a debate over the past year or so. I’ve steered clear of most of them because frankly, I don’t have a strong opinion on intergender wrestling. All I ask is that my wrestling is good and believable. I don’t care if it’s man versus man, woman versus woman, man versus woman, or alien versus alien. Present me a quality wrestling match between two professional wrestlers, and I’ll be a happy camper.

Such is not the case with this match. I don’t hesitate for a second to say this match was awful and to place all of the blame at the feet of Kimber Lee. I should have realized I was in for some terrible wrestling when she opened up with extremely telegraphed forearm strikes. She would hit JT Dunn with a forearm and stand in place for what seemed like an eternity and then throw another forearm. It came across like she was completely lost after every strike she threw. Right off the bat this match was expecting me to suspend my disbelief too much.

The match continued in such a vein and never really let up. At one point Lee almost paralyzed Dunn with a botched headscissors takedown. That really gets to the heart of her failings as a wrestler in this match; she has horrendous timing. While positioned in the corner for a Running Yakuza Kick. she turns her head to brace for impact before Dunn has even made it halfway across the ring. In another cringe-worthy moment, she all too obviously covers her mouth with her hand while in the corner so she can call a spot. She stands around and waits after every single spot, because she has no idea how to chain a wrestling sequence together.

Dunn can’t do much to help Lee in this match. From what I’ve seen of Dunn, he is at his best when he is in a fast paced strike based affair. Well, Lee can’t work a fast match, nor can she throw convincing strikes. That leaves Dunn on an island with no way to work to his strengths. So, he tries to work to Lee’s strengths, expect she doesn’t have any strengths. And because of that, the match dies a slow and excruciating death as Lee does her best to expose the business with every awful strike, every awkward pause, and every badly timed bump.

If I recall correctly Dunn & Lee are a married couple who came up in the business together. (Editor’s Note: Nope! Not true!) That’s great for them, and with so much of their lives being tied to the art of professional wrestling I hope that by 2015 Kimber Lee has become a much more polished and credible professional wrestler. In 2013 Lee is abysmal, the sort of wrestler that drains all the credibility from a match. I understand that Lee has her fans, so hopefully that means she does get better. Because I tell you what, I never want to see this Kimber Lee wrestle again.

Bill Thompson

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