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November 15, 2013 / TJ Hawke

AR Fox vs. Shynron from Beyond Wrestling’s Tournament for Tomorrow 2013

Recap from TJ Hawke:

These two trained together with…MR. HUGHES~! This is one of the first “secret shows” in Beyond, where fans could pay to get into a Beyond “closed” taping. The match is for Fox’s CLL International All Star Title.

They went back and forth for a while. Fox got control after he started going after Shynron’s neck. Shynron infamously broke his neck on a 2012 Beyond Wrestling show. Shynron eventually came back with a flippy Ace Crusher.  Shynron then made a sick a comeback. Shynron avoided a 450 and hit a standing shooting star for a nearfall. Fox came back with a koji clutch. Shynron reversed it into a modified Air Raid Crash. Fox came back with two tope sucidas. Shynron avoided a hilo with a backflip. Shynron then hit a cartwheel plancha. Fox came back with a Meteora to the back of the head. Shynron avoided a 450 and hit a middle rope Phoenix: 1…2…NO! Shynron avoided Lo Mein Pein and then a rolling spike hurricanrana. Shynron then murderized him with a reverse ‘rana! Fox avoided the Double Dragon, which pretty much knocked out Shynron. Fox got the crucifix pin: 1…2…3

I think if this match had a more satisfying finish it may have been the top studio taping matches in Beyond Wrestling history.  As it is, it probably still falls short of AR Fox vs. ACH and Chris Dickinson vs. Hailey Hatred. They did some genuinely innovative stuff in this match, and the work on Shyron’s neck really kept the match together as far as I am concerned.

Match Rating: ***3/4


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