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September 1, 2013 / CJWilson

Darius Carter vs DJ Hyde from Beyond Wrestling

Post by Chris Wilson:

This match took place at a Beyond Wrestling All Killer taping at the CZW Academy. This will be a shorter review as this was a shorter match.

The match starts out with both men exchanging strikes, but DJ Hyde’s are a lot more effective and he is able to take control. DJ takes complete control after hitting a bodyslam onto the floor. Now back in the ring, Carter is able to dodge a lariat and he hits a throat thrust. Carter hits two superkicks and one boot to a kneeling DJ, but can only get a 1 count. DJ turns Carter inside out with a spear, but Carter is able to get his foot on the rope at a count of 2. Carter connects with a knee to the mid-section and a DDT for a 2 count. DJ hits a sleeper suplex for a 2 count. Carter hits two Yakuzas in the corner, but when he attempts a third Yakuza, DJ catches him with a lariat for the 3 count and the win.

A really good match here that is easy to watch. I really liked the opening where Carter’s strikes really weren’t doing anything to DJ. Carter had to play dirty to get his strikes to connect. Once he hit the throat thrust, he was able to wear DJ down and connect with some high impact moves. I was really surprised that Carter was not booked in CZW following this match as it was a really impressive showing. I really think Carter could be a good heel in CZW, as he is great on the mic and at dodging spots that including barbed wire and glass. He would talk a big game and would deliver, but not in the way the fans would want. The Crusade for Change would really work well in CZW, but the only problem is, is it might be too similar to the Campaign for a Better Combat Zone. I think they they could pull it off though.

Chris Wilson


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