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August 31, 2013 / petersmu2014

Ophidian vs. Aaron Epic from Beyond Wrestling 2013

Recap from Murray Peterson:

This is the kind of match up that only Beyond Wrestling can provide. It is a particularly interesting match up, where it will be interesting how much Ophidian’s cartoon gimmick plays a role. As always Denver Colorado presides on commentary.

Sign of respect and a shaking of the hands to kick things off. Interesting considering when this was taped Ophidian was a heel. Match starts off on the mat where Ophidian controls Epic with some leg locks. Epic counters and brings Ophidian back to his feet with a hammer lock. Ophidian immediately applies a head-scissor variation and returns Epic to the mat. With every attempt Epic makes to release pressure from a hold Ophidian is able to apply something different. Epic does finally get to his feet and the two begin to trade elbows. Epic clearly has the striking advantage, and Ophidian reverses a elbow attempt into a mat based submission. Epic does begin the strike battle again, but ends up eating canvas in a Ophidian reversal. Epic is put through another series of submissions and even back on his feet he takes several series blows from Ophidian. Epic is now losing the match, even in the striking category. He attempts to hit Ophidian with signature strikes, but his pinned anyhow. A wheelbarrow German suplex and knee strike bring Epic back into the match. Huge suplex from Ophidian and a top rope knee drop can’t end the match, Epic is proving extremely resilient. Ophidian attempts another submission but Epic escapes, hits a elbow and the 1-2-3 pin!

That finish came quickly, and after a match where Epic was on the end of a lot of punishment. I don’t personally like matches that end this way. A quick ending to a dominant match should come in the version of a story. Since this is the first meeting of the two in Beyond it doesn’t come off well to me. What we did get in this match is a great showing of the mat work Ophidian can put in.


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