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August 22, 2013 / CJWilson

JT Dunn, Dave Cole, & Gregory Edwards vs. Da Hoodz & Tommy Trainwreck from Beyond Wrestling

Post by Chris Wilson:

In my match reviews, I typically breakdown the match move by move, but this was a different type of match, so I am going to do something different.

This match took place at Fete Music, but not at a Beyond Wrestling event, it took place at something called the Church of Providence. Church of Providence features a whole bunch of different stuff from food to music and even wrestling. Beyond Wrestling hosts a couple of matches at this event and the one I saw was JT Dunn, Dave Cole, and Gregory Edwards vs. Da Hoodz and Tommy Trainwreck. I was not too sure about the rules of this match, but the ring announcer says anything goes in the ring so I guess low blows would be okay if you did it in the ring, but would be a DQ if you did it on the outside, that is how I interpreted it. The action was fast paced and had loads of cool moves including a suicide dive doomsday device. There was no commentary, but there was music that was playing the whole time. I highly consider checking this out because it was a good match that felt really different. I do not think there is a lot of wrestling like this. I believe there are no more Church of Providences, as Beyond does not promote it anymore. So, this is one of the few matches that happened under this format. Definitely sit back and enjoy this match.

Chris Wilson

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