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June 28, 2013 / Case Lowe

The Young Bucks vs. Willie Mack & Famous B from IWL 2013

Recap from Case Lowe:

On paper this match looks like a HOOT! I’ve been a big Willie Mack supporter since I first saw him in 2012. I’ve really missed him PWG as I feel like he could be a nice dose of freshness in that crew. Famous B, while i haven’t seen a lot of him, has always sort of been “there” with me, but never anything bad. And then we come to the Young Bucks. I love them. I think they’re the most watchable part of the often annoying Bullet Club and I don’t think I’ve ever seen a Bucks match that I would consider to be less than “good”. Fun times ahead!

This was an excellent showcase for the Bucks. For 15 minutes, they were simply excellent. They get their gimmick and in this match, they executed it to near perfection. It’s really a great introduction to the Young Bucks. For one, this was worked at a much different pace than I’m used to seeing from them. An early offensive frenzy by both teams came to a halt when the Bucks started to work over Famous B. Nothing more than your average heat segment, but I loved the way the Bucks worked it. They had an interesting use of high impact moves that I’m used to from them while working in solid heat on Famous B. Put this match in a building where the crowd isn’t totally behind the Young Bucks from the start and there’s some true heat going on. I thought the faux-hot tag to Willie Mack was also excellent. They timed it just right.

By the time Mack got in the ring the crowd was ready for him and he did not disappoint! I’ve seen Mack have some tremendous outbursts of fire and aggression before in singles matches, but this was something new. He came in off the hot tag and hit, in my opinion, the right kind of moves. Two great looking kicks before some power offense. It showed off both sides of Mack that are great. Things picked up when Mack came in, leading to what some would consider a typical Young Bucks match, which for me, was a delight. Plenty of Superkicks to go around, to say the least.

There’s a very small part of the match that I found very interesting. Seeing Nick cut off Mack’s momentum by digging his nails into Mack’s back was something I really enjoyed. Of course, if you’ve ever seen a Bucks match, you are aware of the Super-Cartwheel-Back Rake that they do. Instead of doing some weird kick to the back that a lot of wrestlers do (which always looks horribly awkward) Nick went back to the back and raked it, which I thought was excellent. They know their gimmick.

A strong finishing stretch was hindered by poor timing between Matt Jackson and the referee. Matt hit a low blow and Mack and the referee started right at it. My only real issue with the match. The only timing issue, as well.

Rating: ***1/2

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