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June 16, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Kevin Steen vs. B-Boy from Quintessential Pro Wrestling 2013

Post by TJ Hawke:

B-Boy is a wrestler who I am never excited to watch, but he has absolutely been capable of surprising me when the match plays to his strengths. I often liked him where he just gets to kick ass in compact matches without having to worry about selling much.  This match doesn’t really do that, but it taps into a side of B-Boy that absolutely can work. Hee’s working from underneath, and the match does not turn into a “tough-guy-kickout-fest.”

Unfortunately, Steen works the match like a small indie show where he relies on shtick (this match had a lot of eye-poking) and running his mouth. That is absolutely smart for his long-term health, and it usually works with the crowd (and the crowd seemed to mostly like it).  It is just not terribly interesting to watch when you’re used to see Steen kill himself on bigger stages.

While this was mostly just a “house show” match, it did make me think these two could have produced something fun in PWG. If nothing else, this is better than their ROH match! (**1/4)



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