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June 16, 2013 / Case Lowe

Eddie Edwards vs. TJ Perkins from Quintessential Pro Wrestling 2013

Post by Case Lowe:

Eddie Edwards and TJ Perkins just sounds juicy on paper. Two lads that can grapple with the best of them and also have made some very poor choices with their hair (Perkins hair is totally respectable in this bout). What’s not to like? Last time I reviewed a Perkins match he tore it up with Michael Elgin (who also has very bad hair) for the same promotion.

This match didn’t quite reach “HOOT* territory”, but it was definitely in the “ballpark of FUN”. This was an example of two guys going out there and having some fun in the squared circle and it made for an enjoyable bout. The two kept it on the ground nearly the entire time. Perkins, especially, is someone I really enjoy when it comes to chain wrestling and the “EVOLVE style”. He keeps things fresh and exciting. You never know when he’s going for a submission or even what submission he’s going to try and lock on. The two bring things up to their feet as the match hits the finishing stretch and the two start dishing out some lovely strikes. The finish, for this match, was probably the right finish. It seemed to fit the match structure very well. For 15 minutes, these two went out there and had fun and it was refreshing to watch.


Rating: ***1/2

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