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June 1, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Chuck Taylor vs. Jon Davis from Evolve 21 (2013)


We are lucky enough to have Jon Davis’s thoughts on the match.  Contact Jon on his Twitter.


We also reached out to JP Nichols and Jacob Cohen of Free Amission (For Real!) to get some thoughts on this match. They were live at this show.


Learn more about Evolve by checking out their:





Thoughts from Jon Davis:

I have seen Chuck Taylor tell jokes, play beer pong in the middle of the ring, make little kids cry, use invisible hand grenades, and walk to the ring with a reformed Scooby Doo villain. He’s a young dude that plays around A LOT. For some reason or another though, he was butt hurt that I beat up his drinking buddies at DGUSA AFTER they confronted me; so, he wanted a no DQ match. So, he got one. But for all of the laughing and playing he does he came with his game face in Jacksonville. He went at me tooth and nail, with everything that he had in what people are calling a classic. I refer to it as a war. In the end, Chuck’s Achilles heel was himself as his goofiness betrayed him and for some reason, he thought he’d be able to “use the couch” to secure a victory. At the end of the day, the couch never made it to the ring and I stood victorious. But for all of Chuck’s antics and silliness, under that goofy outer layer stands a fighter. Unfortunately for him that fighter isn’t as good as me.


Thoughts from JP Nichols:

While I am a big fan of both Jon Davis and Chuck Taylor, I was not quite sure what to expect going into their No DQ Match. They had a match at EVOLVE 18 that even then I felt was a styles clash going into it and felt similarly going into this. Another factor was not knowing what to expect with the venue that EVOLVE chose for Jacksonville. By the end of the match, I was proven wrong. Both guys stole the show in what was a very good show with a very hot crowd that came unglued for this match. Both guys have been involved in two of the best brawls in DGUSA/EVOLVE history (I Quit Match for Taylor vs. Gargano at the Third Anniversary Show; No Ropes Match with Davis vs. Gargano at Revolt 2013) and they showed with their match here that when put in an environment such as this, they will give the fans their money’s worth. The venue made for many unique moments that you do not normally see in a match like this, including the acclaimed near-usage of a couch in a wrestling ring. It was a complete spectacle that is one of the best matches from DGUSA/EVOLVE this year and one of my favorite matches to have been in attendance for 2013.


Thoughts from Jacob Cohen:

Jon Davis vs. Chuck Taylor was easily the most surprising match of the Evolve Florida weekend loop at the start of June. While there were many matches that delivered in spades that weekend, this was not one I was expecting to enjoy even nearly as much as I did. Maybe I should have expected more out of this match, since both Chuck Taylor and Jon Davis are both great talents, but in my mind it looked like a styles clash and was a match that going in to the weekend was a total afterthought.

Why it worked

  1. The venue was about as perfect for this type of match as you could have asked. One of the more unique venues I have attended a wrestling show at, the ring was in a pit while the audience looked down on to the show. There was a sense of chaos as they brawled throughout the venue which led to many unique opportunities for aerial maneuvers (namely Chuck Taylor’s stage dive double stomp) along with many other weapons which almost included a couch.
  2. Crowd support played a part in the success of this match. No matter where you were sitting in the crowd, you had full view of the whole show, which kept everyone engaged in the matches all night. This match had a lot of crowd brawling, which kept the crowd close to the action and more invested in the payoff of many of the spots being built. While he has had some issues gaining a following elsewhere, with Wrestlecon seeing numerous boring chants for the guy, I have really enjoyed his work since moving down to Florida a few years ago. It is also important to note that Jon Davis is from Jacksonville and has a strong following throughout the State of Florida, where he has been a local staple of the wrestling scene for years. While the local support for Jon Davis was expected, as the match went on, there was building support for Chuck Taylor, who was able to win over fans that may or may not have been too familiar with him.
  3. Most importantly, these guys worked really hard to make sure this match was memorable. They knew what type of venue they had, they played well to the crowd, and they worked a mostly serious tone to play off the serious revenge angle for Chuck Taylor. They each got to be vicious, innovative, and energetic, and it really captured the live audience, which became rabid by the time of the finish.

DGUSA will be rematching Jon Davis & Chuck Taylor in Queens, NY this Saturday. Hopefully they can recapture some of the magic from last month as it could really go a long way in solidifying Jon Davis with a crowd that doesn’t always appreciate him. This may be my most anticipated match from this weekend’s DGUSA shows and I look forward to watching it in the near future.


Recap from TJ Hawke:

Davis attacked the Gentleman’s Club at WrestleCon. Taylor decided to challenge him to a No DQ match here.


They quickly ended up on the floor. Davis choked Taylor with a shirt. Taylor used a chair on Davis. Davis then suplexed Taylor onto some chairs. Davis was in control after that until Taylor backdropped Davis from the stage to the floor. Taylor followed it up with a “springboard” tope con hello onto Davis. Back in the ring, Davis came back with a buckle bomb and a Sick Kick. Taylor came back and hit a cutter. Taylor took out a ladder. Davis hit a spinebuster on the edge of the apron. Davis grabbed the ladder, but Taylor used a chair to repeatedly hit the ladder. Taylor set up the ladder in the corner. Davis promptly pounced Taylor into said ladder. Davis then back body dropped Taylor onto the ladder. The ladder won that battle but lost the war. Davis followed that up with a jackhammer: 1…2…NO! Davis ended up on the apron. Taylor used the ladder to send Davis to the floor. Taylor threw a chair onto Davis’s face and then hit a double stomp from the stage to the apron! Awful Waffle: 1…2…NO!!! Fantastic nearfall. Taylor piled some chairs into the ring. The fans demanded that Chuck Taylor use a couch from the building. The fans tried to carry it to the ring, but it looks like the building security rejected it (though I never saw what exactly prevented the couch from reaching the ring).  Davis came back with a low blow, a lariat, and Three Seconds Around the World onto the pile of chairs: 1…2…3!


Holy fuck. This is the second time these two have had a match that has blown away my expectations. I was at Evolve 18, and I was completely taken off guard by how funny their match was there (I’ve read that the match didn’t translate well on iPPV, which is unfortunate). This match was similarly surprising, but in a completely different way. They basically worked a “PWG style” brawl that engaged the crowd to the point where they became downright rabid towards the end. They seemingly went out there with the intent to steal the show, and they nearly did just that (the whole show was pretty good; thus, it’s hard to say they actually “stole” the show). This match is probably one of my favorite Evolve matches ever. Why? Because it was so much fun.

Match Rating: ****

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