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May 23, 2013 / Ru Gunn

Reno Scum & Drake Younger vs. RockNes Monsters & Bryce Harrison from FSW 2015

Post by Ru Gunn:

Reno Scum, very at home in the Future Stars of Wrestling promotion, looking (and wrestling) a lot like some kind of mash-up of Fallout New Vegas raiders and The Ascension, team with visiting scrappy death-matcher Drake Younger here. Drake does his best to inject an early burst of drama into this match by throwing some strikes at the RockNes Monsters team before the bell goes; however, this is met by blank disinterest from his Reno Scum comrades. A lack of tag-team chemistry is the motif for this match, as all of the wrestlers seem to be out of sync with each other, and the story of the match isn’t clear at all.

Very early on, Bryce Harrison finds himself cornered by all three opposing aggressors, and ignored by the wildly ineffectual FSW referee. Thornstowe of Reno Scum proceeds to lift Harrison’s limp body high on his shoulders and plunge him to the outside, where Harrison hits the concrete hard, missing a potentially kinder landing in the arms of his teammates. This nasty spot happening a minute into the match, without any sort of reversal or pizzazz, seems a particularly odd pacing decision. My pained concern for Harrison’s spine and neck overshadow the rest of his contributions to the match.

This recording suffers badly from the FSW signature distractingly inane commentary, particularly their tendency to massively overstate the duration of delayed vertical suplexes. Their heel commentator devotes a significant proportion of time complaining about modern wrestling in general, then death-matches specifically; and all of this is at the sore expense of calling the match.

Drake continually attempts to make the match more interesting with a few flashy highspots, but even he can’t do much from the apron, especially in the face of an extended submission spot right in the middle of this match. The action gets a little more engaging in the final stretch, but for a successful “everyone-in-the-ring” chaotic finishing sequence, the men involved need to have a great deal of coordination and skill to keep everything flowing and not looking like a gigantic mess- and they fail in that endeavor here. The match proceeds to end in an extremely anti-climactic manner.

RockNes Monsters have had fun, engaging matches, but unfortunately this wasn’t one of them.


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