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May 11, 2013 / Stephen D Gaunt

Prince Devitt vs. CJ Banks from Infinite Promotions 2013

Post by Stephen Gaunt:

It’s the 11th of May 2013, and we’re at the Grand Central Hall in Liverpool. I could be slightly biased as Infinite Promotions is my hometown company and also this event was my last big blowout as 3 days later my son was born.

However this is the Infinite champion CJ Banks vs Prince Devitt. Now Devitt is Devitt, and he’s between New Japan and WWE. For those of you who don’t know CJ Banks, he plays a cocky heel. He plays this persona so well you wonder if it’s just an extension of his real personality.

The match is good until the finish. It’s very back and forth with some nice forearm and chop exchanges. CJ more than holds up his side and never looks overmatched. He does take some stiff screaming dropkicks from Devitt and a double stomp from the top rope with some serious air on it. The finish (DQ) though is obvious when you think about it and in someways makes what you have just seen a bit of a letdown. But on this my second viewing found this match to be well worth your time to have a look.

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