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May 4, 2013 / Terrance Smith

Slyck Wagner Brown vs. Bobby Lashley from CTWE’s Briccomania 2013

Post by Terrance Smith:

Hello everyone. I’m Terrance Smith, and I am the newest member of the Free Pro Wrestling Staff. In case you are curious, I have been reviewing and writing about wrestling for just over 9 months at my website My Journey Through Wrestling. Anyway, my first review here will be of the SWB vs. Bobby Lashley match at CTWE Briccomania V.

Pre-Match Thoughts:

CTWE is a promotion I am fairly familiar with, and have enjoyed quite a bit for some time. They had some very good local talent mixed with veterans and stars from the national indy scene. This match seems to be a perfect example of that. SWB is a very solid worker that I have been fond of since I watched him live in 2012. He has his flaws, but overall he is a solid hand who has taught some very talented wrestlers. Bobby Lashley was primed to be a star in WWE circa 2007, but his legs were cut out from underneath him. He is a fairly big name, especially for a small indy like CTWE, so why not put him against one of CTWE’s top stars in SWB. Anyway, with all that said, lets see how this match is.

Match Review:

            There was nothing glaringly wrong with this match, but nothing was really “right” either. What I mean is there were no obvious botches or blown spots, but neither guy did much to make this more than a match that just happened. Early on was the most basic wrestling that pretty much every TV match has, yet is was made even more mundane by Lashley’s stalling and pandering to the crowd. Literally right after the first spot, which was merely a collar and elbow tie-up, Lashley felt the need to go outside and get high fives from a whole section of the crowd for his great deed. There was soon some outside brawling, where SWB gained the advantage, and SWB got the offense during the heat segment. Nothing was really overly inspired, yet I do commend SWB for not resorting to a rear chinlock. I also enjoyed him stepping on the arm of Lashley to hold him in place, then stomping him in the face repeatedly. Those little logical things do keep a simple match like this from being too mundane. By far, though, the best part of this match is the nearfalls towards the finish. While it begins as a rather basic babyface comeback, they did eventually hit some nice moves, and SWB even pulled out a moonsault. Nobody will mistake this finishing stretch for Kazuchika Okada vs. AJ Styles from Dominion (which was an amazing finishing sequence if you don’t know), but it was entertaining enough that I was never really that bored during it. The finish did feel a tad awkward and contrived, but it a good enough cap to an average match. This was really not above the quality of an average or below average TV match, but it was decent enough for the time it got. There was never anything offensive or horrible, the story was basic and good, and the action was decent enough. I would put this just above average, but this is by no means something you have to watch.

Rating: **¼

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