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April 19, 2013 / Case Lowe

Michael Elgin vs. TJ Perkins from Quintessential Pro Wrestling 2013

Post by Case Lowe:

This has a shot to be a real hoot. Elgin can be hit or miss with me, but typically seems to hit when he’s wrestling the smaller lads. TJP has been tearing it up in EVOLVE lately and is a personal favorite of mind. He’s quick, he’s crisp, he’s unique, and he’s a lot of fun to watch.

As expected, this turned out to be a HOOT*. From the beginning it was established that Elgin was the bigger man and that Perkins was going to have to be creative with his offense. It was nice to see Elgin work as a straight heel here. He knew he role and he stuck to it. There were a few spots, one in particular, where I thought Elgin looked awesome. TJP was looking to springboard into the ring and Elgin grabbed him and simply threw him across the ring. There are times that I feel Elgin doesn’t realize how big he is compared to most guys on the indies, but he took advantage of his size here and as I said earlier, it turned out to be a really fun match. Perkins took a Superkick towards the end that he seemed to shake off rather easily, but I’m not going to gripe over it here. Really fun match. Give it a watch!

*The fact that young Samuel has convinced people to use “hoot” a lot in describing wrestling does not speak well of society.

Rating: ****

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