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March 16, 2013 / Fray

AR Fox vs. Kitsune from ISW 2013

Post by The Fray:

“What a fucking idiot! He’s a ginger!” 

If you’re a referee for InterSpecies Wrestling, don’t be out of place for a pin fall. You will get buried on commentary.

So, I need to admit I haven’t kept up with the InterSpecies Wrestling brothers too much. I do know at one point there was a giant, drunk tiger named GIANT TIGER involved. They are completely irreverent. Children probably shouldn’t watch their shows. Or maybe they should. Just turn the commentary off.

Here’s a match from March 16, 2013 between AR Fox & Kitsune from their “3D” show.

Out of all the flippy, floppy dudes out there like your Ricochet’s and ACH’s, I’ve always preferred AR Fox. I’m not sure why. Maybe it’s the complete disregard for his own body. Maybe it’s the complete disregard for his opponent’s body. Maybe it’s his clear abrasion to giving any fucks about anything other than “let’s do this match, hit some moves, and have some fun, brothers.” AR Fox is clearly a man after my own heart.

I know nothing about Kitsune. Well, I know one thing but that’s neither here nor there. Just know that he’s a guy in a mask that wears a karate gi to the ring. He throws a lot of kicks. He likes to do flips, often times landing knee first into others. He likes the shooting star press. Figure it out. *wink,wink*

They start this thing out trading arm work back and forth. I’m not sure why as it doesn’t play a part in anything ever again. I think they just did it because this is pro wrestling and sometimes you just got to do holds before moving on to the important stuff.

And speaking of the important stuff, I’ve decided to just list the moves each guy did during the duration of the match. Because that’s what this match was about – the moves.

– Sliced Bread on the apron
– Leg drop from the top rope to the apron
– Skin the cat into a drop kick
– Shooting star cannonball
– Two stunners
– Two straight dives
– Tope con hilo
– Springboard Stunner

– Front flip to the outside
– Poison Rana
– Asia DDT
– Running corkscrew press
– Flipping powerslam
– Shooting star press to AR Fox’s knees
– Shooting star press to win

In the end, Kitsune gets the win, but this really came off to me like a showcase for AR Fox. The whole thing is one giant spot fest. So, if you’re into that sort of thing, GREAT! If not, well, you’re not going to like this. ***

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