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March 10, 2013 / Bill Thompson

Ursurper vs. Drew Gulak from Beyond Wrestling 2013

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

Ursurper strikes me as an odd mix of Berzerker and Kongo Kong, albeit a low rent Kongo Kong. That’s not a bad thing mind you; Kong is one of the few great big men left in pro wrestling. Ursurper isn’t on his level, but he attacks the match in the same way that Kong would, but adds in the mannerisms of Berzerker. He’s the out of control wildman who doesn’t really belong in a wrestling ring. The only thing that’s missing from his act is the outside force controlling his actions and forcing him to wrestle. Still, Ursurper makes his gimmick work and it’s because of the way he wrestles.

For this match Ursurper is paired up with Drew Gulak. I’m a big fan of Gulak’s, and a lot of that has to do with the grapple heavy style that he employs. He is an elite grappler, and it shows in the way he carries himself in the ring and how well he’s able to apply his style to any promotion. Against someone like the Ursurper the approach from Gulak has to be different. He modifies his grappling so that it works off of what Ursurper is offering him as opposed to Gulak imposing his grappling on Ursurper.

The match is built around Ursurper as a strong wall and Gulak as the gnat trying to push through said wall. In correlation with that Gulak lays in his attacks, and it really helps the match. There’s an early sequence where Gulak batters Ursurper in the corner with a Clothesline then shoves Ursurper to the center of the ring only to smash into the back of his head with another stiff Clothesline. Hard hitting stuff like that is peppered throughout the match and it adds quite a bit of flavor to the proceedings.

Standing tall is what Ursurper does best, and he does it quite often. He absorbs the offense of Gulak and then swats Gulak down with a Yakuza Kick or big Overhand Chop. Gulak and Ursurper work together to create a compelling dynamic throughout the match. Then they choose to tie the big man/little man story up nicely and go home at just about the perfect time. The match is about ten minutes long, and at that length it doesn’t overstay its welcome and both men leave looking strong because of a well told and executed story.

Though the highlight of the match is Gulak’s wicked Tarantula like over the ropes Dragon Sleeper that just about rips Ursurper in two, it’s Ursurper who comes away from the match looking the best. Credit goes to Ursurper for providing a quality performance, but equal credit goes to Gulak for working the match in such a way that he allowed for Ursurper to grab a lot of that sunshine. It’s short, sweet, and to the point. It’s not great or anything, but Ursuper versus Drew Gulak is good high quality professional wrestling, the sort that has made Drew Gulak into a name.

Bill Thompson

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