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March 2, 2013 / JoeyOnEarth

Paul London vs. Johnny Drinko Butabi from Hoodslam

Post by JoeySplashwater of Wrestling On Earth.

What is Hoodslam? 

Hoodslam is a wacky wrestling promotion that basically consists of fans drinking booze, smoking mariajuana and doing other nefarious activities while watching wrestling. There’s lots of comedy involved. Just think an adult version of Chikara.

One annoying thing is the live commentary over a house mic that the crowd has to listen to. Most commentators in wrestling are a pain these days but the commentary here is somehow much worse than what we’re used to. The commentary is often filled with sexist comments and just unnecessary swearing. This must be what it sounds like to be in a frat.

Commentary aside, the atmosphere is cool and bizarre.


Wrestling On Earth favorite Paul London comes out in an orange spacesuit while high 5’ing and partaking in other “activities” with the fans.

Johnny Drinko Butabi comes out to the 90’s smash hit “This Is Your Night.” (It took me a good 10 minutes researching to find this song name after the match caused it to stay in my head.) Butabi does a cute little dance number. My sources tell me this is a tribute to a Will Ferrell and Chris Kattan film.


I’m not good at recapping matches by the moves so I’ll have to list the moments that stand out and my overall thoughts.

* Someone is wearing a Mark Henry HALL OF PAIN t-shirt at ringside. Awww yeah.

* Butabi tried a kip-up. It did not work.

* Drinko stops to take a drink of an adult beverage from a fan. London then stops and takes an adult plant hit from a fan. This is getting real.

* A stuffed animal toy of a fan favorite horse enters the ring. London turns heel by attacking Butabi with the horse and throwing it out of the ring. This is like Ben Wyatt not being fond of Li’l Sebastian on Parks and Recreation. My worlds are blending!

* Drinko crowdsurfs at one point and London looked like he wanted to do a move (maybe the double stomp?) onto Drinko while he was being held up by the fans but the crowd chickens out and throws him back into the ring before they could experience pain.

* There’s fighting in the streets. Wild stuff.

* London does a lot of his cool moves that I don’t know the names of. Wins with the Shooting Star Press.


London and Butabi shake hands after the match. The Stoner Brothers (Rick and Scott) attack. Some other guy tries to help stop the Stoners and they all get beat up. The Stoner Bros stand tall until… yes, it’s him!

Pooh Jack (Winnie the Pooh as New Jack) comes out to Natural Born Killaz. As the music plays, Pooh Jack destroys the Stoner Brothers with various weapons shades of New Jack in ECW. The good guys (and the bear) all celebrate.

Overall thoughts

This is the right match to watch if you want to give Hoodslam a chance and try out a new wrestling promotion. Paul London gives you a familiar face and he delivered with a great performance. Johnny Drinko Butabi clearly isn’t as talented as London but he also gave a good outing in providing a fun match. There was a nice mix of action, silly comedy and all the hi-jinks that are associated with HOODSLAM. I wish Paul London was back in ROH, PWG, WWN or any of the more noteworthy U.S. indie promotions as he’s still a better wrestler than some other returning names that get more praise.

If any of the following things interests you, this is a match you will like: Paul London, A Night at the Roxbury, stuffed animals, Winnie the Pooh, New Jack, The Steiner Brothers on (even more) drugs, astronauts, Brad Van Dam, modern humor.

Rating on the Joey scale: Good stuff, bud.

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