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February 17, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Darius Carter vs Brian Fury from Wrestling is Art In the Abstract 2013


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Recap from Murray Peterson:

In the Abstract was Wrestling is Art’s second show in their debut weekend. The whole idea behind Wrestling is Art is, you guessed it, to show the artistic expression, depth and diversity that wrestling offers. Commentary provided by Drew Gulak and Denver Colorado. The man, not the place, if you were wondering.


Darius Carter may come out to the ring to symphony music and dressed rather dapper, but Brian Fury could easily be an extra for a viking movie. I appreciate that on the second show of the company launch both guys do as much as they can to get their gimmick across to the fans who might be reaching them for the first time through SMV. As the crowd jeers Carter by calling him Urkel, I know I’ll enjoy this match. Match heads to the mat quickly, both wrestlers jostle for position but neither can gain control. Back up to their feet Fury takes Carter into a wrist lock, but Carter rolls away and out of the ring. On his return Carter is locked up again with several holds, Fury putting on a display of his technical wrestling skills. Carter decides to break the pace of the match and begin striking with Fury, starting with a boot to the stomach and a European uppercut. Sent to the outside Carter takes a huge tope suicida from Fury. Tossing Carter back into the ring Fury heads for the turnbuckle but before he can liftoff he gets caught with a impressive enziguri. Fury has a pretty rough fall and Darius takes this time to rest up inside the ring. Carter ends up manoeuvring Fury to the edge of the mat and chokes him with the ring skirt. First pin fall of the match is only a two count. Fury tries to match Darius with strikes but is sent into the ropes chest first and is shot backwards into a drop kick. After several failed pinning attempts by Darius he ends up in a altercation with the ref which gives Fury some time to recuperate. It does little good as Carter slips on a sleeper hold rather quickly. He can’t get the arm to drop three times and Fury is up and on a comeback. A rather nice sequence results in a smooth neck-breaker only getting Fury a two count in his first pin attempt. Enziguries are exchanged and Fury drops Carter with a back body drop for another two count. Carter dumps Fury onto his neck with a Regal-plex but can’t keep the shoulders down. Taking too much time Carter ends up getting popped up into a powerbomb which Fury converts directly into a Boston Crab. Darius can’t make it to the ropes and is forced to tap.


This match was very easy to sit through. Both Darius Carter and Brian Fury are veterans and it comes across in the ease in which they tell a story in the ring. Also, Gulak and Colorado worked well as a team on commentary; Gulak was offering some great humour. There were no bone crunching moves or insane spots but the match was well worked and I will always be content with that.


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

Carter and Fury are two of the more solid members of the Beyond Wrestling roster. They didn’t work the most exciting match ever, but I really enjoyed what they did here (and I tend to enjoy most of the matches each guy has had over the years). I hope to see these buys back in Wrestling Is Art. Carter has so much potential.

Match Rating: ***

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