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February 1, 2013 / TJ Hawke

Paul London vs. Joey Hayes from PCW’s Road to Glory 2013

Recap from TJ Hawke:

Paul London’s entrance is said to be the “World’s Longest Wrestling Entrance” in the title of the video. My interest was immediately piqued. Paul London roamed around in the crowd for a while doing Paul London things. If you like Paul London, you will like this. The entrance lasted over seven minutes. Hayes got baited to the floor and then the referee started to count him out. Psychological warfare! The tactics worked, and Hayes was noticeably rattled by all of this. Some grappling eventually took place. It was less amusing than the pre-match antics though. London hit a moonsault for a nearfall after 8-10 minutes of not much of note. Hayes finally cut him off, and London actually somehow got busted open. Hayes worked him over for a bit. London finally caught him with a dropsault and then made a comeback. They went back and forth. London hit a slingshot, corkscrew dive. London went for a SSP, but he scared of the low ceiling. He went for a middle rope SSP, but Hayes rolled out of the way. Hayes sent London into a rope and then hit a sliding kick for a nearfall. Hayes then got a crossface. London rolled through, but Hayes held on. London eventually tapped!

I’m a sucker for Paul London’s antics in matches that I don’t count on delivering at an athletically high, dramatically satisfying level. Thus, I would give the overall package of this video a thumbs up! The match is nothing too special, but I enjoyed almost everything about it well enough.

Match Rating: ***

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