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January 18, 2013 / Tanner Teat

The Young Bucks vs. Project Lucha (El Ligero & Martin Kirby) from PCW 2013

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Post by Tanner Teat:

This match features the always beloved Young Bucks against the hometown favorites Project Lucha, consisting of El Ligero and Martin Kirby.  This crowd reminds me of the crowds in Reseda, combined with the tiny ring I am hyped for this. Match starts with the commentators putting over that Ligero has suffered a face injury recently, and the Bucks are targeting it with precision (including putting one of Ligero’s horns in a hold).

Ligero is over with this crowd, so him getting his ass handed to him makes the crowd turn on the Bucks for a portion of the match. Ligero eventually makes the tag to Kirby who is an extremely crisp wrestler and looks really good sliding out of the Bucks’ offense. Kirby quickly makes a tag back to Ligero and Matt Jackson hits him with a brutal sounding chop, it bounced off the walls of the entire arena. The last five minutes have some hot spots and Bucks win with an awesome looking Indietaker (Cool for the fact that it is such a tiny ring they practically had Kirby right in the middle).

Overall, I could not think of a hotter opener that PCW would have wanted from these four. You could easily take this match and put it in PWG and it would not be out of place at all. Loved what the Bucks did to target Ligero;s face, Kirby doing cool things, and Ligero being the Generico of the match. Would recommend this match to anyone that enjoys good wrestling.

Rating: ***1/2



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