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December 23, 2012 / Bill Thompson

Bill Carr vs. AR Fox from Beyond Wrestling 2012

Post Bill Thompson:

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This match is for AR Fox’s Combat Zone Wrestling Wired Championship.

I was given this match to review because the boss, TJ Hawke, really wants me to like AR Fox. He likes him a fair amount, and thus he has publicly stated that it’s his goal to get me to like Fox. He’s fighting an uphill battle because as a wrestler Fox just isn’t my bag. I’m able to recognize that he’s pretty good at what he does, but what he does isn’t for me. He’s what I would call a superfluous flyer; as in he flies around the ring with very little purpose while looking quite good doing so. There is a definite talent to what Fox does, but I watch him on offense and I usually think, “Why?”

That’s prevalent in this match as I found myself wondering why Fox was going for an Inverted Corner Senton Splash, or why a Skin the Cat Dropkick was needed? I mean, just do a Cannonball Splash in the corner, and a Dropkick to a seated Bill Carr in the corner. There’s flair to what Fox is doing, but there’s very little rhyme or reason. I tend to like my wrestling to have a rhyme or a reason behind it, and the only time this match has any is when Carr is on offense.

I actually enjoyed Carr’s offense a fair amount. He hit all of his moves hard and crisply, with plenty of snap behind them. The problem is Fox was more concerned with getting to his next move than really selling for Carr. Maybe it’s just me but when someone gets hit with a Wrist Clutch Fisherman’s Neckbreaker I don’t think they should be getting up at all, let alone getting up and running around mere seconds after being hit with said debilitating move. Yet, that’s how Fox operates while Carr is on offense, and it does Carr’s offense no favors.

Sorry TJ, Fox still isn’t for me. His brand of overly choreographed stand still while I do this far too contrived flashy move wrestling just makes me shake my head. To those who have fun with Fox and his style, good on you. I’m glad you enjoy him and what he brings to the world of professional wrestling. I, however, don’t much care for Fox or his style and would much rather have seen Carr square off with someone more willing to work a sound match and sell for his big man offense. I’m sure my Fox journey will continue, but he keeps digging himself a deeper hole.

Bill Thompson

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