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November 10, 2012 / Reed

MASADA vs. Rich Swann from CZW’s Brain Damage Tribute Show 2012

Review by Reed Benson:

This is for MASADA’s CZW Heavyweight title. They do some chain wrestling, with the headlocks and cravats and whatnot. Swann can’t knock MASADA down with dropkicks, and a rana just results in back-and-forth two counts. MASADA controls Swann for a while with a slam, a backbreaker, and a lot of punching and kicking. They have a forearm exchange that is obviously ill-fated for Swann. Swann starts coming back after an axe kick and some corner punches, but MASADA quickly shuts him down with an European uppercut. Punching and kicking and choking send Swann retreating to the floor. MASADA goes out and ends up hip-tossing Swann into the guardrail. That’ll mess your legs up. Swann gets whipped into the ring steps, but he manages to recover when they get into the ring, catching MASADA with a jumping Frankensteiner off the top. He gets a nearfall, kicks out of a northern lights suplex, gets a couple roll-up nearfalls, and lands a nice spinning roundhouse kick. But then he goes up top, gets caught in a cross body attempt, dropped with a brainbuster, and tapped with an STF.

If you like watching MASADA beat on a little guy, this could be for you, though it isn’t particularly brutal-looking. If you like seeing Rich Swann fly, look elsewhere, because he never gets clearance to take off and there are no dives. It’s a competent match, but since both guys are babyfaces, the crowd doesn’t really get into it, even when Swann has his hope spots. I don’t know much about this show, but this comes across as a cool-down match after a hot angle.

If you want to see a good big man vs. little man match, check out Hernandez vs. Low Ki, which I reviewed elsewhere on this site.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

I don’t often tweet about wrestling, but I have a Tumblr gimmick for it here.


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