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October 13, 2012 / TJ Hawke

Marti Belle vs. JAKA from WSU vs. Beyond Wrestling 2012


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Youtube Page with Weekly Free Matches was lucky enough to have some guest thoughts on this match. First, Drew Cordiero, the owner of WSU and Beyond Wrestling, shares his thoughts. Second, Jon Harder shares his thoughts. Harder is a commentator in WSU, a manager in Beyond, and the host of The Hardway Podcast.  Contact Jon Harder on his official website and home of the Hardway Podcast@TheJonHarder on Twitter, and on His Facebook. For more info on The Hardway Podcast, like the Facebook page, subscribe on iTunes, and subscribe to the Youtube page.


Thoughts from Drew Cordiero:

This was the first of three matches featuring the champions of WSU going up against the top athletes in Beyond Wrestling. The former Jonny Mangue had been building momentum towards the top spot on the Beyond Wrestling roster but had trouble disposing of WSU Spirit Champion Marti Belle thanks to Matthew Justice who had been defeated by Jaka earlier in the day at Beyond Wrestling “All Aboard.” This match is significant because it marks the first WSU bout under Beyond Wrestling’s management.


Thoughts from Jon Harder:

This match signified a lot of personal moments for me. For starters, it was the first of 3 WSU vs Beyond matches. Second, it was the first time I have done commentary with the man, not the place, Denver Colorado, something I’ve wanted to do for sometime in one facet or another within a wrestling show. Lastly, it was probably the only time I will have ever bared witness to the first ever Woman vs Wild contest inside of the squared circle. I respect the absolute heart of WSU Spirit champion Marti Belle, but even she had to feel a little fear going one-on-one with the Samoan Savage, JAKA.


Recap from Jesse Nyugen:

Belle gets the early advantage with a headscissors and a cannonball splash in the corner. Jaka uses a headbutt to get the upperhand and slams Belle to the ground by her hair. Rolling Thunder Headbutt to the grounded Belle. Matthew Justice pulls Belle out of trouble and is slapped for his trouble. Enough time for Belle to sneak in and toss Jaka into the barricade. Belle hits some strikes, but is overpowered by Jaka. Snapmare into a nerve hold, and Jaka goes for the pin. 1…2…she kicks out. Belle backs into the corner to catch her breath. She gets up and hits two rolling forearms for a two count. Jaka hulks up and focuses his strikes on Belle’s midsection. Inside cradle by Belle for another two count. Jaka gets Belle in a unique triangle choke submission, but Justice jumps on the apron and socks Jaka in the back of the head. Facebuster from Belle. 1…2…3!


Underwhelming match from these two. There was a bit of sloppiness in the moves, and it just felt like the competitors couldn’t gel together. Nothing terrible, but both have had better matches.


Thoughts from TJ Hawke:

This was a really disappointing match that didn’t go in the direction that I expected it to go in.  I knew Belle won this match going in (which is cool), but I assumed the match would mostly be the much larger JAKA beating the shit out of her before Bella made a fiery comeback and taking home the dubya. Instead, Belle actually got the majority of the offense in. I have no idea why. JAKA has been on a tear since he started working under the JAKA gimmick, but this match was the exception.

Match Rating: *1/2

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