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August 18, 2012 / TJ Hawke

Mercedes KV (Sasha Banks) vs. Ivy Fit from CTWE 2012


Post by TJ Hawke:

Frankie Arion was the special guest referee for the match.

I sought this match out, as it was a lengthy match featuring Sasha Banks before she got signed by the WWE. As of right now (August 2015), Sasha Banks is legitimately one of the best wrestlers in the world. She kills it every time on a big stages and is putting on legitimate MOTYCs on the NXT live specials. She is a very young performer though, and that makes me curious to see how far back her greatness started. Let’s just say it was not present three years ago in August 2012.

She was a babyface here, and that role deprived her of all the charisma that adds so much to her matches in NXT. That lack of attitude saps her of the “it factor” that makes her impossible to ignore. Her in-ring work as a babyface here was not much better. Ivy Fit seemingly lacked the ability to make anything interesting happen while on top to compound the issues. It ended anti-climatically with Ivy using the ropes to win. That was not the biggest takeaway from this match though. The post-match assault angle was appalling and made me never want to watch CTWE again.

Arion assaulted both women after the match. He hit Fit with a chair and then held Sasha’s head against his crotch while he cut a promo on CTWE management about some bullshit. This was all clearly designed to get a lot of heat on Arion. First off, if you need to stoop to crude misogynistic bullshit to get “heat,” you’re not a creative booker/performer. Second of all, this was not even done to do some feud with Arion and Sasha. Sasha was just an object to exploit male-on-female abuse to continue a feud for someone else.  This is the type of angle that makes me embarrassed to watch wrestling. Awful.




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