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June 15, 2012 / TJ Hawke

Kevin Steen vs. Eddie Edwards from ROH 2012

Post by TJ Hawke:

Steen was accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs and Steve Corino. This match had to overcome the insufferable dynamic of Jim Cornette, Corino, and Kevin Kelly bickering on commentary.

The first title defense for a new champion in ROH is a tough sell for the fans. There is virtually no chance of seeing a switch, and EEEE was certainly not someone positioned to be on the verge of carrying the company. Steen and EEEE wisely do not try to force an epic match down our throats, and they just deliver a good match instead. It works out well, as they have good enough in-ring chemistry to produce enough cool sequences to keep me entertained through. Steen isn’t Nigel in the ring in terms of controlling talents, but he worked a smart pace here and made EEEE look good before putting him away with the F-Cing. A fine start for Steen’s title reign. (***1/2)



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