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May 27, 2012 / arnfurious

Kenny Omega vs. KAI (AJPW 2012)

Post by Arnold Furious:

This is from the 27th May 2012. I previously wrote about Omega vs. KAI from late October 2011. Omega, invader from DDT, won that match and the AJPW Junior Heavyweight Championship, which is once again up for grabs here. Omega had a successful run seeing off some of All Japan’s midcardery juniors. But KAI is back for the belt here in a big way, having triumphed over Kenny in the junior tag league. This was actually the main event in Korakuen Hall and got 20 minutes live on GAORA. Omega has some bad habits and one of them is continually referencing video games. While it pops some people yelling “Luigi Time” while delivering a running elbow doesn’t do anything for me. While not being a complete goofball Omega works heel too, spitting in KAI’s face and being a jerk at every opportunity. It’s Omega at his dirt worst. He’s sloppy but when he takes bumps at least he’s creative. Allowing KAI to catapult his face into the buckles at one point. Omega’s total disregard for his own body is often entertaining and he dives into the rail kidneys first as well as almost landing on his face with a standing SSP and head dropping every suplex he takes, only to virtually no sell it. There’s no lack of effort but as a heel the performance is bizarre to say the least. It makes for a confusing viewing experience that sometimes resembles a wrestling match and more often than not resembles a reoccurring nightmare I have where Kenny Omega won’t sell any of my moves and keeps hitting me with a terrible looking dragon suplex. My neck hurts just watching it. When you’re shooting for epic you need to be careful not to crash into the sun. The ref does himself no favours, continually counting pins when one shoulder isn’t anywhere near the canvas. It’s sloppy work all round. KAI finishes with the Splash Plancha, moments after dropping Omega on his head (for the umpteenth time in the match), in a far more dangerous looking spot. A fine demonstration of how messy Kenny Omega can get when the mood takes him.

Final Rating: *1/2


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