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May 18, 2012 / failraiser

DJ Hyde vs. Dave Mastiff from Fight Club Pro’s Margera vs. Masada 2012

For more info on FCP, check out their:




Recap from Alex Torres:

Mastiff taunts Hyde. The two exchange slaps, and Mastiff puts on a headlock. Hyde provokes Mastiff into knocking him down with a shoulder tackle. The fight goes to the outside for a while. Hyde hits a few chops that have no effect; he then shoves Mastiff into the barricade. Knees to Mastiff’s head. Hyde leaps on Mastiff for two. Hyde takes control. Mastiff hits a lariat for two. He attacks Hyde in the corner. Mastiff attempts to lift Hyde. Hyde knees his groin. More taunts. Hyde hits a spear, and then sets up for a lariat. Hyde hits a black hole slam for two.

Hyde goes to the top rope. Mastiff meets him and hits a superplex for two. Mastiff hits multiple lariats and pins Hyde for the three count.

Nothing offensive happened here, but nothing very interesting happened. I can’t recommend it.


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