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May 18, 2012 / TJ Hawke

Chuck Taylor vs. MK McKinnan from FCP’s Marcera vs. MASADA 2012


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Recap from TJ Hawke:

I run hot and cold on Sexy Chucky T. I love him sometimes, and I’m indifferent towards him at times. McKinnan has had a few dates in America (including a really disappointing Evolve match), but he’s obviously known more for his work in Europe. He’s got a ton of potential.


Chuck got control of the match early enough. McKinnan eventually came back with a Pele kick, a Northern Lights suplex, and a double stomp. McKinnan went for a tope suicida, but Taylor blocked. Back in the ring, McKinnan hit a kneeling superkick, but Taylor came back and locked in the single leg crab. McKinnan managed to make the ropes. Taylor got a nearfall with a Liger Bomb. McKinnan came back with a satellite DDT and a tope con hello. They showed an awful angle of it. Back in the ring, McKinnan was seemingly setting up for a moonsault, but Taylor caught him with the Awful Waffle: 1…2…NO! McKinnan came back with a reverse hurricanrana and a shining wizard: 1…2…3!


This was a very fun match. That’s all I have to say. Watch it right now.

Match Rating: ***1/2

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