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May 13, 2012 / TJ Hawke

JT Dunn vs. Darius Carter vs. AJ Evers vs. Corvis Fear Beyond Wrestling’s Burst the Bubble 2012


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Recap from Murray Peterson: 

These four way elimination matches are a staple of Beyond Wrestling. This particular match features four of the Beyond mainstays and promises good action. On commentary is of course good ole D.C, Denver Colorado.


Things start out so quickly Corvis doesn’t even have time to take off his vest! It might need to be dry cleaned later. Dunn and Carter end up being the losers in a little bit of a comedy exchange. Corvis hits them on the outside with a tope suicida. When bigger guys like Corvis dive I always get concerned. Evers hits a stage dive from the top rope onto Carter and Dunn now. Evers then gets suplexed up onto a square pillar in the middle of the room by Corvis! Carter rushes in and cracks Corvis in the head with his boot! Dunn ends up controlling Evers in the ring with strikes, but soon Corvis and Carter return and everyone gets laid out. Dunn ends up being tossed onto Evers and Carter who got caught in the corner. Corvis gets dumped onto his neck hard by Carter, who pulls out a Regal-plex. Innovative exchange between Corvis and Carter. C&C end up getting caught up in each others legs and Dunn takes advantage by curb stomping Corvis into Carter. Dunn then hits Evers with a German suplex onto the pile of C&C. Evers goes on a flurry, taking out everybody! Dunn gets up and catches Evers with a tiger bomb, but gets caught by Carter and a enziguri. Carter slams Evers’ face onto a dual knee codebreaker and gets the first elimination. Corvis uses his unique offence to dominate Dunn and Carter but can’t pin either wrestler. Corvis tries to stop Dunn from pinning Carter, but ends up being booted in the gut. Dunn picks up the second elimination after hitting a pump kick to a kneeling Carter. Dunn moves on to trying to finish the match by eliminating Corvis. He ends up getting caught with a shining ace crusher. Corvis hits a snapmare driver but Mark Shurman distracts the referee before he can get the 3 count. Shurman continues to try to get involved int he match, but a second attempt on the snapmare driver puts Dunn away and Corvis wins the final elimination.


This was a highly enjoyable match. It had fantastic action while continuing the AJ Evers storyline. Not familiar with that storyline? Me either, but it was obvious something was going on. Beyond always does a great job of bringing in lots of innovative wrestling, and this match is just another shining example. I recommend checking it out.

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