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April 7, 2012 / TJ Hawke

Kevin Steen vs. Kyle O’Reilly from ROH 2012

Post by TJ Hawke:

Steen was accompanied by Jimmy Jacobs.

This was very short, as Kyle was sacrificed to continue the build to Steen vs. Davey for the ROH World Championship at the iPPV that was coming up. There was a bit of awkwardness during this time period as Steen would be working heel despite being the biggest babyface to the crowd. Davey was supposed to be a babyface, but Kyle, his stablemate, was being a heel at the time. Kyle was basically working underneath in the match though. It was all very fucking weird and not conducive to getting great reactions from the crowd. Anyway, the action was fine, and they clearly had good chemistry. This just was not the situation that would allow them to have a good match. For the finish, Kyle distracted himself by throwing his mouthguard (that Steen had put in his mouth) at Jacobs, and Steen finished him with the F-Cinq.



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