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December 23, 2011 / Stephen D Gaunt

Colin Delaney vs. Jimmy Olsen from AIW 2011

Post by Stephen Gaghan:

I missed out on seeing Colin Delaney in ECW so I not familiar with either of these guys. This is the blowoff of the dissolution of the kayfabe twin brother tag team the Olsen Twins.

Colin jumpstarts the match, but Jimmy comes back allowing Colin to bail outside. A chase ensues but Colin is caught by the tights trying to get over the guardrail and chucked back in. We’ve a full moon and Colin does a full flip off a hard chop.

The two then brawl over the location with various plunder shots, and my mind takes a wander.

At 10 minutes in, Jimmy is caught trying to fly over the guardrail at Colin. He’s propped up and promptly dropped to the floor with a DDT.

At this point Jimmy’s manager [Editor’s Note: I miss the good Doctor Colonel Nolan Angus], whose legs don’t work, slides over to check his charge to find Jimmy busted open. Colin by the way is also bleeding from the chest.

Colin gets Jimmy back in and goes biting at the cut. They kinda mess up a suplex to the outside, and Jimmy hits Colin wuth two topes before hitting a great missle dropkick for two.

Jimmy is then caught come in from the apron and hit with two DDTs for numerous 2 counts. They start trading shots, and Jimmy then no sells a backdrop suplex to hit a superkick with both down.

Jimmy, then looking to finish, is nailed by a boot from his now fully mobile manager, and Colin finishes him with an elevated one kneed codebreaker and a Dean Ambrose elbow to the back of the head of a slumped over Jimmy for the 3.

In the ring this was ok. The first ten minutes or so were just brawling and, to be frank, was just dull. The cut to Jimmy never meant anything to the match either. Negatives aside it isn’t a total loss as some of the moves especially Delaney’s DDT’s look great, but I can’t say go out your way to watch this.


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