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November 13, 2011 / TJ Hawke

The Young Bucks (Nick Jackson & Matt Jackson) vs. The Colony (Fire Ant & Soldier Ant) from Chikara’s High Noon 2011



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Recap from TJ Hawke:

Both of these teams had two points, which means that the winner will get the third point and earn a Chikara Tag Title Shot against Johnny Gargano and Chuck Taylor (the champs at the time). Marty Jannetty was in The Young Bucks’ corner.  He was supposed to wrestle in Chikara against Tursas at an earlier 2011 show, but weather issues forced the cancellation of that show.


Soldier frustrates Matt early on by repeatedly saluting him. The Colony was in complete control early until Nick hit a suicide dive on Fire Ant. The Bucks then pulled off some of their trademark double team moves on the Ants. The Bucks worked over Soldier after that. Fire tried to help out, but the Bucks took him out so that Soldier would have no one to make a tag to. The Bucks worked over Soldier some more, and then started to mock Soldier. The Bucks had mostly been tecnicos since returning to Chikara, but they were definitely rudos here. Soldier finally made a hot tag and Fire ran wild on the Bucks. Fire pulled off an incredible headscissors on Nick/Tornado DDT on Matt combo. Fire followed that up with a springboard somersault plancha on the Bucks. Back in the ring, the Ants hit some double team offense on the Bucks. A couple of fans tried to start cheering for the Bucks but they were quickly drowned out by the Colony fans. Nick took Fire’s head off (literally) with a Trouble in Paradise, but Soldier took him out with an exploder back suplex. The teams started trading big moves back and forth. BRAINBUSTER ON MATT: 1…2…NO! Fire and Soldier went for a double team move on Matt, buck Nick saved him. Matt hit a pair of powerbombs and a Buckle Bomb on Fire. DOUBLE TEAM SPIKE TOMBSTONE PILEDRIVER ON FIRE ANT: 1…2…SOLDIER MAKES THE SAVE! Soldier took on both Bucks but ate a double superkick. Double superkick to Fire! Matt put both men in the fireman carry position; Nick gave Fire on a double stomp and then the Bucks went to give More Bang for Your Buck on Soldier, but Soldier got his knees up on the the 450 splash part, dodged the moonsault, and rolled up Matt: 1…2…3!


Fans popped big for the win. This was an excellent opener for the first Chikara iPPV. It also makes sense to use a famous team to put over one of the homegrown Chikara teams to a new audience.

Match Rating: ***1/2


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