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November 12, 2011 / Reed

Gary Jay vs. ACH from ACW’s Lone Star Classic 2011

Review by Reed Benson:

Everyone knows how talented and charismatic ACH is, and Gary Jay has grown on me in recent months. Add to that the fact that this match is the final round of a tournament and features ACH fighting from the bottom with the odds stacked against him, and you’ve got the makings of a pretty cool contest.

The intensity is a big plus. Jay’s running buddy Evan Gelistico attacks ACH before the bell, and Jay keeps the pressure on him for the whole match. They both take a lot of big bumps. ACH takes a flatliner onto the apron. Jay takes a modified exploder on the floor in the crowd. There are plenty of big moves in the ring, as well. The crowd’s really into it (except this one guy in the front row who’s talking to his friend while the wrestlers fight in front of him).

The downside is the selling, which is what one might expect. ACH takes a modified GTS and that flatliner on the apron early, but aside from grabbing his head once, he doesn’t really sell the damage during his comebacks (keep in mind that he’s already wrestled in other tournament matches this same night). I’m the sort that sees a lot of apron moves as worthy of stretcher jobs, so I would’ve expected more wooziness on ACH’s part during his attempts at offense. Instead, he tends to just pop up and start firing off moves when it’s time for his hope spots.

Really, when we get to the end, ACH starts playing the part of John Cena. He kicks out from a frog splash at one and fires up like Hulk Hogan. Then he takes a Michinoku driver and kicks out. Finally, he trips up Jay and locks in a crossface-type submission that causes Jay to pass out. I will say that that finish does keep Jay rather strong after having ACH kick out of all his big moves. He doesn’t take one move from ACH and get pinned; he has to be choked out.

So, overall, I give the match a thumbs up in spite of my nitpicking. These guys are both good performers and they show here that they know how to keep things at a fever pitch in a big match.

– Reed Benson

My match review site is here.

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