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November 11, 2011 / Reed

Danny Cannon vs. Christian Rose from IWA Unlimited’s Adverse Conditions 2011

Review by Reed Benson:

This is a no DQ match, and the crowd is hot for Danny Cannon. Apparently, he’s been gone for a while, and they’re happy to see him again. All the chanting only helps to fuel Rose’s rage, and the pre-match intros sizzle as a result.

So, Cannon is the clear babyface and, at most points, underdog. He’s noticeably shorter than Rose, but he’s got speed and energy on his side. Most of his offense is intense and flashy. Rose, meanwhile, goes after him with a chip on his shoulder. As he vocalizes mid-match, he doesn’t feel he’s been getting the respect he deserves for always being there, while Cannon is beloved even though he left. Rose is driven by anger, and for the most part, it shows.

There are several wild spots in this match, mostly performed by Cannon. He does a running springboard somersault off of a (thankfully sturdy) guardrail. He lands a springboard double stomp onto Rose on the ring apron. He jumps off of a high perch with a crossbody (though it’s not much higher than the turnbuckle would be. He also gets thrown into a wall really hard and gets tossed into the kitchen area where they sell concessions. Chairs are used. A ladder comes into the ring. There’s no blood, but it’s fairly brutal, especially on both guys’ backs and torsos. Oh, and they start the match with dueling solbutts, which is fairly original to me.

The downsides of the match include some chain wrestling that comes after the hot opening salvo, arm work that is quickly ignored, and a lengthy running time. I get that it was the main event, but it dragged at parts, and it kind of undersells how devastating the weapons and spots are if both guys can keep going as long as they do. Cannon does a top rope double stomp onto Rose while he’s lying on two standing chairs; not only does this not knock Rose out, but he revives shortly afterwards to put Cannon in a Boston crab (with chair assist) to tap him. Super Cena much?

I like this Danny Cannon. Rose isn’t bad, either. If this match wasn’t so long, I’d give it a strong recommendation. As it is, I’ll give it a regular one.

– Reed Benson

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