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November 8, 2011 / TJ Hawke

Daniel Bryan vs. William Regal from WWE 2011

Post by TJ Hawke:

According to cagematch, this is the final match these two ever had together. They probably could have had one of the more interesting and physical rivalries in recent WWE history, but Regal’s career was mostly over by the time Bryan solidified his place on WWE television. Despite not having an issue to work with, these two (shockingly) managed to have a compelling match anyway just by working it in a manner that you do not see much in WWE (or much of anywhere). There was a physicality and intensity to most of their movements that you cannot help but be sucked in by.

The finishing sequence was also perfectly done. Bryan caught him with a high kick, and Regal then tried to avoid the LeBell Lock. Sadly for the aging veteran, he immediately submitted the moment Bryan was able to have it fully applied.  While this match was missing some key emotional beats and stories that Regal’s matches with Dean Ambrose and Cesaro had, this is absolutely a match from that stage of Regal’s career that is worth watching. (***1/2)


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