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November 5, 2011 / Reed

AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation from CZW’s Deja Vu 2011

Review by Reed Benson:

I started playing with wrestling action figures admittedly late in life. I even created my own promotion with storylines, title belts, original characters, etc. [Editor’s note: I do not condone this behavior, nor encourage others to participate in similar activities). Now, when one puts on matches with plastic toys, one doesn’t generally pay close attention to psychology and in-ring storytelling. Usually, Toy #1 hits a big powerbomb for two, then goes for a DVD, but Toy #2 gets out and hits a brainbuster for two. Then they go back and forth, trading big moves until the hands of the player are tired or his mom calls him for dinner.

AR Fox vs. Uhaa Nation was like an action figure match. There’s no selling. There’s no story. There are a lot of big moves that make the viewers pop. And you know what? That’s okay. It’s not the kind of wrestling I like the most, but I do think it’s a viable form of entertainment.

I wish Fox wouldn’t try to kill himself so often just for a a few cheers, but that’s another article for another day.

The best way to view this match is as an exhibition of cool moves, because that’s all it is. Fox does a kickflip within the first minute, and he’s powerbombed on the apron shortly after that. There’s flipping and flying. Uhaa’s a big dude to be doing standing moonsaults and shooting stars. The chained triple powerbomb, however, is something you would expect from him.

I have two main gripes. The first is the awkward-looking German suplex onto the apron. It looked weird, and it didn’t do any more damage than any of the “lesser” moves in the match, so why waste the bump? The second is the largest difference between this and the matches my action figures used to perform. When my figures fought, their moves would usually build up to a major climax; that means that the biggest move would finish the match. Fox vs. Nation ends with the Lo Mein Pain, which is kind of neat but not a very believable finisher to me, especially against a big guy like Uhaa. I’d prefer the 450 to finish it. Or maybe two of them.

Overall, though, if you want to see some MOVEZ~!, then this is your match. If you want a story…go read a book, I guess. There are some pretty good ones out there.

– Reed Benson

If you’re interested, I’m working on a Tumblr where I write about wrestling in the form of letters to friends. It’s at


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