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October 22, 2011 / Bill Thompson

Mercedes KV vs. Ivy Fit from New England Female Wrestling 2011

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Thoughts from Bill Thompson:

Mercedes KV is a young, that’s an oxymoron I know, Sasha Banks after a little over a year in the business. A few things stick out about Mercedes right off the bat; she is loaded with charisma. She doesn’t quite yet know how to harness said charisma, but in her entrance alone you can see a wrestler who understands how to connect with the crowd. Once in the ring the athleticism of Mercedes is easy to see. She’s a shade faster than Ivy Fit, and she’s able use her athleticism to her advantage in her working style. But, more than anything else what I noticed about the soon to be Boss was that the pieces were present but the package was most definitely not put together yet.

The last statement is not a bad one in any way. Mercedes is still a rookie here, still someone learning their craft. She has gifts, that’s very easy to see. But in many ways her gifts work against her. Take her athleticism, which allows her to have a more varied approach to the match than her opponent. That is a plus, as is her ability to use said athleticism to put herself into spots in the match she otherwise would not be able to attain. At the same time that athleticism leads to Mercedes being very early on Arm Drag attempts. She knows what she wants to do and she gets herself into position for the Arm Drag, but she doesn’t wait to make sure that Ivy is in position and the end result is an Arm Drag that looks very choreographed.

Another interesting aspect to this match is how restless Mercedes seems to be. I think a lot of that has to do with her not quite having a character yet and not having an outlet for her energy. She doesn’t have anything to play to and thus there’s a lot of stop and go to the match. She’s neither face nor heel, she is a wrestler without a character. That’s partially to blame for the way her movements sort of just stop at times, or how she fidgets in between moves. Needless to say once she discovered her Boss character Mercedes learned how to harness her energy to the utmost effect.

The match itself is pretty average, but most of that falls on Ivy. Mercedes is a youngster in terms of experience, but Ivy has been wrestling for over seven years by this point. To that end she needed to do a better job of guiding Mercedes through the match and forming a cohesive story. In lieu of such an approach Ivy opts to run through moves and that means there is no story. The moves don’t connect either, it’s just one random move after another as Ivy is incapable of using her veteran hand to imprint any sort of story onto the match.

Now, what I wrote sounds like I’m bashing the match, but truth be told I had lots of fun watching Mercedes square off with Ivy. I won’t lie, that had very little to do with Ivy. Young and inexperienced though she may be, Mercedes showed a lot of promise in this match. I knew immediately that I was watching a woman with a lot of talent. As we’ve all seen her time at the WWE Performance Center has given Mercedes the chance to capitalize on her promise. In that regard this match is a study in progression; time spent with a now world class worker back when she was just a collection of unorganized skills and ideas. That may not make for great wrestling, but it sure makes for an interesting watch and adds even more value to how complete of a package Sasha Banks has become.

Bill Thompson

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