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June 19, 2011 / Fray

Veda Scott vs. Josh Thor from Beyond Wrestling on Who Could Possibly Care (aka Ring Leaders 2011)

Post by The Fray Movement:

I knew things were off to a great start here as the 15 second ad before the video played featured former University of Albama quarterback AJ McCarron in an ad for used cars. You see, I am an Auburn fan and I find young McCarron to be an absolute GEEK~! But I will always have that lasting memory of the winter night in November 2013 when we beat dat ass.

We beat it real good.

I weep sometimes when I watch highlights of that night. For it brought us all closer together as a fanbase, a family, if you will. The little boys on the Plains took it to big brother and won the game via the greatest play in college football history.

I collect memorabilia from that 2013 season. Ticket stubs. Programs. Posters. Newspaper clippings. I sometimes watch whole games to remind myself of the special time it was to be an Auburn Tigers football fan in 2013.

Now what does that have to do with this match up that we are presenting to you at Free Pro Wrestling dot WordPress dot com?

Absolutely nothing. I was trying to fill space.

I think this was doubling as a customs shoot. I have no idea. It was a match. There were no fans. Pinkie Sanchez was at ringside. Lots of men bowed to Thor.

Our commentator announced that this was Veda’s 4th ever match. In 2011.

You mean to tell me she’s been working for almost five years now?

Anyway, Veda tried to rip the turnbuckles off at one point and when that failed she hit the Thor lad with his helmet gimmick.

I think Thor decapitated her for the finish. I’m really not sure. I was back to thinking about happier times.

Just a man thinking about his team, a team that brought him so much joy.

War Eagle, brothers.

War. Damn. Eagle.


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